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Make sure you grab a Fuel for School rebate from a paper or last week's Albertsons ad. $10 rebate for buying 10 Kelloggs products!
Kroger will double all coupons up to and including 1.00 on Saturday, August 15th. Look under grocery stores then Kroger for more details!

    What in the world are E-coupons and how do I use them????


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    What in the world are E-coupons and how do I use them????

    Post  Admin on Thu May 28, 2009 12:18 pm

    The latest and greatest in the world of couponing is e-coupons!

    Two sites give you instant coupons at checkout: www.cellfire.com and www.shortcuts.com

    One site gives you "savings" in the form of money deposited to college savings (you can withdraw it at anytime from what I understand) and that is www.upromise.com. YOU DO NOT GET INSTANT SAVINGS AT THE CHECKOUT WITH UPROMISE.COM.

    Both cellfire and shortcuts has you register (cellfire.com you must register with a cell phone number and they will send 1 text at registration and that is it. You may put some coupons on your cell phone if you choose. I always just load my Kroger coupons and those just go to my Kroger card) on their website.

    After registering, you can load the numbers of your shopper's cards and then add coupons to the cards. When you go shopping and buy a particular item, the savings will automatically show up on your receipt as a cellfire or shortcuts e-coupon.

    YOU CAN USE THESE IN ADDITION TO PAPER COUPONS CURRENTLY. In the future, this may change, but for now it is a great deal!!

    The e-coupons do expire and do not double or triple and can only be used once.

    The best way to save the most money is to wait for a sale, use an e-coupon and a paper coupon (that doubles or triples hopefully!!) and see the savings add up!

    Example: Betty Crocker Frosting I purchased on Tuesday at Kroger:

    On sale 1.50
    -.75 e coupon on shortcuts.com
    -1.00 (.50 paper coupon that doubles)
    = .25 Money Maker!! Very Happy

    So, originally it was $1.89, but I was paid a quarter to walk out of the store with it!

    Happy Shopping!!!

    Stephenie D. loves to save!
    Loving the coupons

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    Re: What in the world are E-coupons and how do I use them????

    Post  KatieG on Thu May 28, 2009 1:22 pm

    Sometimes I have a hard time getting these to work 100% of the time. You can email shortcuts if you have a problem. The lady that is at the self checkout at the Youree Kroger is really great and said she notices it works most often if you make sure you scan your Kroger card before your items instead of at the end of a transaction.

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