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    Coupon changes at Kroger???


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    Coupon changes at Kroger??? Empty Coupon changes at Kroger???

    Post  Admin on Mon May 18, 2009 11:52 am

    Who has had firsthand experience with the changes in couponing at Kroger and what have been the replies from the store? Since our trip to Dworld (when the changes happened), I haven't had any transactions with more than 3 of the same coupon there, so I am wondering where it all stands...

    Have your coupon trips to Kroger changed?
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    Coupon changes at Kroger??? Empty Coupon Policy at Youree Dr Store

    Post  KatieG on Wed May 20, 2009 11:57 am

    I tried to stock up on softsoap & frozen veggies a couple weeks ago at night at the Kroger on Youree Dr. and the manager was price adjusting my coupons so they wouldn't triple when I did multiple transactions. He said I could have my first 3 triple but not after that even if I did more transactions. Angela had similar problems and asked when she was a "new customer" 5 min later, when she went out in her car and back in, at a different check stand, etc. and he didn't really have an answer.

    We've had similar problems at other stores. They want to limit their coupons but they don't have a real way to do it other than "at the discression of the manager". So I went during the day to Kroger today and asked them what their "official" coupon policy was so I could play by their rules. The lady said Kroger has to foot the bill when they double and triple coupons (the manufacturer will reimburse them on the face value of the coupon only) so that's why they try to limit it to 3 per customer. If you check out their computer system will only allow 3 triples of the same coupon per transaction. Once you start a new transaction that's when it's up to the manager or the checker to decide when you're a new customer. She told me she would let me do 2 transactions, like if I was there with my husband so each of us would be allowed to double or triple 3 coupons, but after that she would consider it taking advantage of their tripling policy and she was going to tell this to her managers. So you don't have to be there with your spouse but they would let you do 2 transactions to "simulate" you spouse being there which would allow you to do multiple transactions because you're different customers.

    I'm not impressed with that because past couponers will be more closely watched because they are recognized. Also we can still get just as many coupons to triple as we have in the past, it just takes more time because you'll have to go back at a different time. There are many questions like do my kids count as different customers? I'm sure I could hand my 6 year old coupons, items, and cash and she would know what to do to buy the items but I guess only husbands count? I don't want to feel like I'm being dishosnest or having to sneak around to do my couponing but they' don't have a real clear policy or clear way to manage it for now. The real way to manage it is to somehow tie it to the Kroger card but then again they can't really limit the number of Kroger cards a person has either. So for now they are going to let you do 2 transactions and the rest would be at the discression of the manager.

    Anyone know the policy at the Kroger in Bossier?

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