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Make sure you grab a Fuel for School rebate from a paper or last week's Albertsons ad. $10 rebate for buying 10 Kelloggs products!
Kroger will double all coupons up to and including 1.00 on Saturday, August 15th. Look under grocery stores then Kroger for more details!

    Wal-mart price matches



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    Wal-mart price matches

    Post  Admin on Thu May 21, 2009 4:44 pm

    For those deals or deals with coupons that don't triple or double (over .51), Wal-mart might save you some time and gas by taking advantage of their price matching policy. You simply need to bring the ad with you where you saw the deal and they will price match it for the exact item (brand and size for brand and size).

    If you have several items you are price matching, here are some tips to keep it organized and simple:

    • Make a list on a piece of paper of the item/price/size and the store ad and page # of the item (for reference by the cashier).

    • Keep your price matching items together (at the end or beginning of transaction) so you are sure not to miss a price match and the it helps the cashier know how your transaction will take place.

    • Keep it simple. If you have a coupon to use with the price match, wait until the end of the transaction and hand over all coupons together. It may be confusing for some cashiers to have to price match and then do the coupon all at once. A happy cashier is a helpful cashier Laughing

    • Remember that they do not price match % off or BOGO (buy one get one) offers. Only price for price.

    • I haven't done a lot of price matching since I started couponing a lot (trying to take advantage of other store offers and double and triple coupons), but previously they would price match meat prices, produce prices and store brand for store brand. I will try and remember to ask the next time I am in if this is still the case.

    If anyone else has some wisdom to share on Wal-Mart price matching, please post a reply!!

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