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Trying to find the best deals in the Shreveport, Bossier Area!

Make sure you grab a Fuel for School rebate from a paper or last week's Albertsons ad. $10 rebate for buying 10 Kelloggs products!
Kroger will double all coupons up to and including 1.00 on Saturday, August 15th. Look under grocery stores then Kroger for more details!

    Some coupons available


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    Some coupons available Empty Some coupons available

    Post  Admin on Tue May 26, 2009 4:39 pm

    These are expiring very soon (most on the 31st of this month). If you are interested in any, either reply or pm me and I can leave them by my mailbox for you to pick up:

    Prilosec OTC $3/1
    Prilosec OTC $1/1
    (2) Vicks product .55/1
    Nyquil or dayquil 1/1
    Metamucil 1/1
    Always pads, liners, cleansing cloths $1/2
    Always infinity $1/1
    Oil of Olay ribbons body wash $1/1
    Olay hand and body lotion or mousse $1/1
    Oil of Olay body wash or soap $1/1
    Olay facial moisturizer or cleanser $1/1
    Fixodent .75/1
    Energizer hearing aid batteries $1/1 pack
    Align $5.00/1
    Crest rinse 1/1
    Crest toothpaste .50/1
    Oral B manual toothbrush .75/1
    Crest whitestrips $5/1
    Crest whitestrips advanced $10/1
    Viactiv Flavor Glides $2/1
    Viactiv Soft chews $2/1
    Mega T product $2/1
    Pedialyte $2.00/1
    Clairol haircolor 2/1
    Natural Instincts haircolor $2/1
    (2)Betty Crocker Warm Delights bowls .50/1

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